Test Double:

We might have heard about the Term Stunt Double in the movies. Who are they? They are the one who just look like movie character but they are only for the stunts. But what we see in the movies, it looks like real actor is performing stunts. This exactly what test double means. Test doubles are the one that just look like real data but they not real data, they just acts as real data during testing. But why need it from the first place? Why not just using real data and test it? Well, the answer is “Testing Should…

1. After all… what is this?

2. Is it extra bit of work, is it hard to learn?

3. Why we need it when our code is already working fine?

1. After all... what is this?

Well, let’s start from scratch. I’m gonna separate DI into two “Dependency” and “Injection”. First understand what is the meaning of Dependency.

When it comes to classes and objects in OOP(Object Oriented Programming) concept we deal with the classes and make objects of those classes. Classes could be user define or built-in. What if I say we were always been using DI, how’s that gonna sound? A bit strange but…


My name is Mohammad Osman and I am Native Android Developer. I write Article about android and i also develop open source samples for android.

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